Letter from the Editor 8

Executive Editor Anya-Milana Sulaver explains the theme and stories for Issue 08 of Peeps Magazine.

Culture World Affairs

A Talk About Palestine & Israel

Dr. Sa’ed Atshan curates a panel to talk about context and lived experience of Israeli apartheid.

Culture Health

What Gets Inside

Anthropologist Elizabeth Roberts shares stories from her research in the smelliest and most staunchly independent neighbourhood in Mexico City.

Culture World Affairs

The Language of Dispossession

Indigenous scholar Anne Spice writes of her research while part of the camp at the Wet’Suwet’en defence standoffs.

Culture Research World Affairs

Colonizing Banaba

Woman in a mask with her arm in the air, calling for solidarity.

COVID Culture World Affairs

“It Is What It Is”: Trauma as Context in Argentina-2

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Peeps 07 Play List

Music from around the world that examines cultural trauma


Peeps 07 Reading List

A comprehensive list of world literature that examines the issue of cultural trauma curated by the senior editors at Peeps.


Peeps 07 Media List

A list of the best films covering the topic of cultural trauma curated by the senior editors at Peeps.

Research World Affairs

Almost! Check back very soon!

Research World Affairs

This one is still being made

A hand holds a door open at the back of what appears to be a restaurant.

Research World Affairs

What There Is To Fear: World Building with Colombian Refugees in Ecuador

Lisa Stevenson explores fear, world-building and the Colombian-Ecuadorian border.

Research World Affairs

The Stories They Tell Themselves: What Trump’s Base Believes

Trump’s base, Evangelical Christian science fiction, Trump and what went down at Capitol Hill.

Woman in a mask with her arm in the air, calling for solidarity.

Research World Affairs

“It Is What It Is”: Trauma as Context in Argentina

Cultural trauma as context in this ethnographic reflection on Argentina past and present.


Issue 7 Letter from the Editor

Executive Editor Anya-Milana Sulaver introduces Issue 7, Cultural Trauma to readers

World Affairs

Talking Across Difference with Virtual Reality

Polish-born Canadian VR filmmaker Joanne-Aska Popinska talks to Peeps about the inspiration for her ambitious VR project sharing the stories of women who have had abortions. Her hope is to create a space of safe engagement for people who might otherwise not understand the complexities and challenges involved in making the decision to practice their reproductive rights.

COVID Practice

The Lockdown Diaries


Scenarios of Change

Futurist Sanjay Khanna explores how global industry leaders think about and weigh the consequences of stability and profit.

Culture World Affairs

The Truth Equation

A look at the ways in which white evangelical Christians see what makes “truth” differently through an examination of their contemporary fiction.

Culture World Affairs

Letter from the Editor 06

World Affairs

The Middle Classes Won’t Take Us to a Democratic Paradise

A deep look at transnational class and democracy, past and present, asking how we can understand the role of the middle class in democracy, in the United States as well as the countries to which it has exported a Western democratic framework.


Letter from the Editor 05

Publisher Anya-Milana Sulaver discusses the goals, joys and challenges of producing Issue 5 of Peeps.


Five Movements of Mothering

Drs. Susannah Clement and Gordon Waitt discuss how the paths we make to walk determine the ways we engage with our world and with each other.

Culture World Affairs

Stories from the Road

Dr. Dimitris Dalakoglou on how the road to post-socialism was, literally, paved in Southern Albania.


Coming of Age on Wheels

Dr. Daniel Albero Santacreu writes about coming of age in Mallorca — on the road.

Culture Health Research

Moving in Stillness

Researcher Simon Roberts shares his thoughts on the benefits of running to thought.

Busting Social Media Myths

Social and Cultural Experts Bust Social Media Myths #1: The truth about Shari’a Law and women’s rights

Shari’a Law and Women’s Rights: it may be different than you think!

Culture World Affairs

Afrofuturism Answers Back to Afro-pessimism

Dr. Mich Nyawalo shares how Arofuturism, a powerful art movement that identifies innovative spaces of power and opportunity, has evolved as a response to afropessimism, a limiting and reductive narrative. He examines how Afrofuturism has become a sophisticated aesthetic through the award-winning work of Wanuri Kahiu and her film Pumzi.


Issue 4 Letter from the Editor

Editorial introduction to Peeps 4 .


What to do with the Present

The toys we give our children shape the way they live in the world. How can we be better in our choices so that we can all do better?

Business Culture Magazine

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

An oral history of the unprecedented transformation of the UAE from agrarian and nomadic communities to the world’s most ambitious economy based on the development of sustainable energy.

Culture Urban Culture

Un-Settling the City

The Peeps team interviewed filmmaker Lisa Jackson about her VR film Biidaaban, Indigenous futurism, and how to imagine life in a city reclaimed by nature.

World Affairs

Stories to Build a World By

Measurement of the success of international interventions in vulnerable places using standardized statistics across communities has proven disastrous to many international development and humanitarian aid efforts. Dr. Millar makes a case for using insights from the stories of the communities affected to determine the success, failure, or even whether the proposed measures would help would increase effectiveness of the measures and improve results.

Magazine The Arts

Between People and Architecture

A photo essay examining the relationship between architecture and the people who live in it.

Magazine Practice Tech

Research Mixology

Airbnb’s Director of Research shares how he mixes research methods to enable unique and exciting real-world experiences for the platform’s users.


Being Together with Strangers

The ways residents of post-apartheid Johannesburg confront social inequalities in shared spaces.

The red numeral 3 is superimposed over a photograph of a city sidewalk. Japanese writing appears on a sign. A shop window reflects traffic, a line of parked cars, and a man walking away from the camera.


Issue 3 of Peeps

Welcome to Issue 03 of Peeps Magazine. We’re back and better than ever!

Culture The Arts

Because We Haven’t Left

The photography of Jennifer Karady in the series Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Practice The Arts

Making with Magic

Autoethnography, Art Practice and the Participation of Other-Than-Humans in Witchbody, by Sabrina Scott.

A still from Leviathan. A tattooed man in a grey tank top, seen through glass, works aboard the ship. His head is tilted to the side, his expression shows fatigue, and a cigarette dangles from his lips.

The Arts

Debating Leviathan

Peeps’ editorial team debates Leviathan, by Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab.

Practice The Arts

The Writing on the Wall

Art, ethnography, and community voice in LA’s Little Tokyo Historic District.

Magazine Peeps

Editors’ Note

Introducing Peeps Issue 01 – The Modern Protagonist.

Magazine The Arts

Art and the City

An urban anthropologist examines how the public engages with Situated Cinema.


Orbiting the Imaginary

What images come to mind when you think of a future that includes human beings living in outer space?


On the Origins of the Bathroom Lineup

Why the lines for women’s washrooms are always longer than men’s.


The Rights of the Whanganui River

How the Maori of the Whanganui River obtained legal recognition of the river as a living being.


Not Wanted on the Rue Saint-Denis

Gentrification in Paris faces off against a historic street that has served as the heart of the city’s sex trade.


Welcome to the Cyber Village

How Indonesia’s RT 36 Taman Kampoeng (or Kampoeng Garden) became Kampoeng Cyber.

Magazine Practice

Syntax in the City

An urban design expert explains the science behind the signs and symbols of cities.


The Fantasy of Rick’s Café

What we think we know about Casablanca, one of the most iconic cities in popular culture.


Tech in Cuba: The Rhetoric and the Reality

Reflections on the role of politics and infrastructure in Cuba’s technological development.


Of Treasures and Trinkets

Revealing the politics and fragmented histories behind the Cameroonian Grassfields museums.


The Daughters of Reykjavik are on YouTube

Why one women’s hip hop group is challenging gender, music and communication norms in Iceland.


A Storied Commute

The stories we tell ourselves and others while unplugged on our daily commutes.


Medellín, The Smart City

The story of a city recovering from conflict and finding its voice with the help of media technology.


Shakespeares in the Ghetto

How digital technology has allowed hip-hop, an American art form. to flourish in New Belgrade, Serbia.

Magazine Practice

The Human Element at Microsoft

Speaking with Microsoft’s Sam Ladner about what it means to be a sociologist at the world’s biggest software company.


The Game of School

A satirical look at what students are learning in American higher education.


How to Bank in Kimbe

A young anthropologist explores the development of banking culture in Papua New Guinea.


Word on the Street

Perspectives from people around the world on the role of technology in their lives.

Magazine Talk The Arts

The Extraordinary Dakinis

A conversation with Rima Fujita on female strength in Buddhism, and the ethnographic power of art.

Magazine Peeps

Introducing Peeps Magazine Issue 02: Crossing Thresholds

Editorial for Peeps Issue 02 – Crossing Thresholds.

Forum Practice

Spy vs Ethnographer

What happened to me when on stage, at a gathering of my ethnographic peers, where I was accused of being a spy.


Winning and Losing in Modern China

Investigating the elusive Chinese dream through the Diaosi, self-identified losers on the Chinese internet.


Mobile Autonomy

How the mobile revolution is challenging traditional gender roles in India.

Magazine Practice

Beyond the Disease

Unveiling how the struggle for identity can become a matter of life or death for young men living with hemophilia.

Forum World Affairs

Shifting the Global Conversation on Refugees

Global media attention on refugees produces complex responses from countries—those which host these refugees, and those which refuse.

Forum Practice

Bricolage in a Can

The story of one research team’s journey into the brand culture of alcoholic energy drinks.

Forum Health

Soothe-sayers and Storytellers

Metaphor plays an enormous role in either the efficacy or failure of narrative in healing.

Culture Forum

The Changing Face of Valentine’s Day

In a world where the notions of relationships and companionship are in flux, Megan Melissa Machamer looks at the ways Valentines celebrations are changing.

Forum World Affairs

Portraits of the Post-Mao Generation

The first generation to ostensibly “only know of China’s rise in fame and fortune,” faces the more humble realities of the post-Mao generation in China.

Forum The Arts

Why I Love Female Superheroes

The moment my eyes caught the keyring hanging on the wall I just had to have it – a female superhero on my keychain.

Forum The Arts

Authentic Storytelling

An interview with Cynthia Wade, award winning documentary and commercial director known for intimate and gripping storytelling.

Forum Tech

On the Fall and Rise of Hands

Unraveling our ties to technology to remember the art of making things.

Forum World Affairs

Mindful of the Mosaic

How ethnic festivals benefit individuals and communities; for the whole community including everyone from recent migrants, to third generation community members.

Forum World Affairs

The Long and the Short of It

An examination of the landscape of racism and grief in Baltimore in the face of violence sparked by the death of Freddie Gray.

Forum Research

The Promise of Big Data

There is something almost ethnographic about the way that big data recedes into the background and quietly collects data about our lived experience.

Forum Research

Sound Advice

Our brains appear to come equipped with an inclination to use the individual phonemes contained in names to make sense of unfamiliar words.

Forum The Arts

Breaking the Princess Complex

As a filmmaker and an anthropologist, I am always looking for films that explore popular topics from an unlikely point of view. George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is such a film.


Making the Strange Familiar and the Familiar Strange

Anthropologist Megan Melissa Machamer shares the trick to great social science research.

Beauty Forum

Changing the Shape of Fashion

How fashion standards are shifting to make room for the plus-size segment of the market it used to shun.

Forum World Affairs

Marking Territory in the infinite

The theoretical interplanetary politics of a universal flag designed on Earth are explored by Tylor R. Genoese, an anthropologist interested in outer space.

Forum Research

In Defense of Bias

Everyone and everything has inherent bias- but that is a good thing, as long as it is recognized. Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman tells us why.

Magazine Research

On Being Part of the Conversation on Culture

A piece on the approach to telling stories of culture and context at Peeps.

Forum Magazine Urban Culture

On Placemaking

Placemaking. It’s been called everything from a buzzword to a movement. It even comes in varieties like “creative.” But what is it? What makes it such a hot topic?


Mobile Disruption: The Rise of Mobile Phone Technology in India

With 930 million mobile phone subscribers and growing India is easily one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile markets.


A Study in Contrasts

Peeps spoke with photojournalist Marko Drobnjakovic about contrast and photographing the cover story for the first issue of Peeps Magazine.

A conversation with Barry Lord

Culture Forum

A Conversation with Barry Lord

As the energy sources that made our world changed, people’s identities also had to adjust to the values that each energy brought with it.

Business Forum

My Share of the Sharing Economy

A cultural analyst reflects on her experience as an AirBNB host.

Forum Practice

Observations of an Observer

When shooting ethnographic photography I use my education and experience as a photojournalist. Here’s how.

Forum World Affairs

Cosmopolitan Moments

Colin Shafer’s ambition to photograph someone born in every country of the world who now lives in Toronto.

Forum World Affairs

Hong Kong, Democracy and Cultural Myths

Myths provide a sense of purpose in a complex world, and fundamentally, hope for the future. These are the myths of Hong Kong.

Food Practice

A Taste of the Road

Bruno Moynie pursued that romantic fantasy of life on the road, in the American south, and shares his food with us.

Practice Talk

Going Native: The Art of Ethnographic Filmmaking

To Bruno Moynié, ethnographic filmmaking is the art of immersion, the ability to accept and be accepted by the people you are filming.