Agency Issue

This issue is all about Agency. Who has it, who wants it, how it does or doesn’t get made. Letter from the Editor

Scenarios of Change

The Middle Classes Won’t Take Us to a Democratic Paradise

The Truth Equation

The Lockdown Diaries

Coming Soon! (this one you have to wait for)


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Busting Social Media Myths

Social and Cultural Experts Bust Social Media Myths #1: The truth about Shari’a Law and women’s rights

Shari’a Law and Women’s Rights: it may be different than you think!


Coming of Age on Wheels

Dr. Daniel Albero Santacreu writes about coming of age in Mallorca — on the road.

Culture Curation Urban Culture World Affairs

David Remnick: Catharsis and Hope in New York ↗

The New Yorker Radio Hour / 04.10.2020

David Remnick harkens to the ways in which New York has changed on the ground in this poetic piece for the New Yorker Radio Hour, addressing how life in the city has been defined by encounters, and how that life is now determined by the absence of encounter.