Agency Issue

This issue is all about Agency. Who has it, who wants it, how it does or doesn’t get made. Letter from the Editor

Scenarios of Change

The Middle Classes Won’t Take Us to a Democratic Paradise

The Truth Equation

The Lockdown Diaries

Coming Soon! (this one you have to wait for)


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Peeps 06 Media List


Peeps 06 Reading List


Forum World Affairs

Hong Kong, Democracy and Cultural Myths

Myths provide a sense of purpose in a complex world, and fundamentally, hope for the future. These are the myths of Hong Kong.


Shakespeares in the Ghetto

How digital technology has allowed hip-hop, an American art form. to flourish in New Belgrade, Serbia.

Culture Curation

New Yorker Review of Ouvrir la voix ↗

New Yorker / July 16, 2018

A review of a documentary that views the intersections of race and being a woman in France from the perspectives of 24 French women of colour.