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What Gets Inside

Anthropologist Elizabeth Roberts shares stories from her research in the smelliest and most staunchly independent neighbourhood in Mexico City.

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Moving in Stillness

Researcher Simon Roberts shares his thoughts on the benefits of running to thought.

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Italy Reopens: A Tale of Two Bookstores ↗

NPR / 05.05.2020

In countries where we are still immersed in social distancing measures and business closures, this piece by NPR speaks to the concerns and anxieties of two small bookstore owners as they eye reopening.

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Predictions are hard, especially about the coronavirus ↗

Vox / 04.08.2020

Information about Covid-19 and how to protect yourself from it changes day by day. Vox reports on why pandemic predictions are difficult.

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Pandemics as Looking Glasses of Society ↗

NPR / 04.29.2020

Pandemics as truth-telling about society. The way we manage this tells us everything about our values and the world we want to live in versus what we’ve created.

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Val Curtis: Disgust and Hygiene ↗

The Dissenter / 11.22.2018

Is the concept of “hygiene” universal? Val Curtis, Director of the Environmental Health Group at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine shares insights with The Dissenter.

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Heidi Larson: Why Trust in Vaccines is Important ↗

NPR / 04.03.2020

Anthropologist and founding Director of The Vaccine Confidence Project at the WHO Centre of Excellence illustrates how the roots of doubt in vaccines stem from a failure of trust in our institutions and their concern for the real well-being of the populations they are meant to serve.

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Arundhati Roy: ‘The Pandemic is a Portal’ ↗

The Financial Times / 04.03.2020

Arundhati Roy’s insights on how the pandemic is forcing ‘humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew.’

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What Contagion’s Bookends Tells us About New Infections and a Racialized Geography of Blame ↗

Somatosphere / 03.06.2020

Review of the film Contagion in relation to the story it shares about privileged travel as conduit for disease spread.

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The Calculus of Contagion ↗

Aeon / 09.16.2016

The history of the numbers we all rely on in anticipating a pandemic growth rate.

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Soothe-sayers and Storytellers

Metaphor plays an enormous role in either the efficacy or failure of narrative in healing.