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Italy Reopens: A Tale of Two Bookstores ↗

NPR / 05.05.2020

In countries where we are still immersed in social distancing measures and business closures, this piece by NPR speaks to the concerns and anxieties of two small bookstore owners as they eye reopening.

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How Economic Boom Times in the West Came to an End ↗

Aeon / 02.22.2017

Economist, historian and journalist Marc Levinson on the 20th century economic and cultural boom in the West

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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

An oral history of the unprecedented transformation of the UAE from agrarian and nomadic communities to the world’s most ambitious economy based on the development of sustainable energy.

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Kodak’s Missed Moment ↗

Spectacular Failures / 7.15.2019

Kodak, the gold standard of photography, and the company that created digital cameras, was one of the first victims of a newly digitized world. Listen to this great portrait of the extensive impacts of cultural and technological change at Spectacular Failures.

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The Dark Side of Prime ↗

Bitch Media / 11.26.2019

Bitch Media reminds us that our new culture of retail convenience has a dark side.

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The Water-Cooler Problem ↗

Sapiens / 01.28.2016

Company success and employee satisfaction depend on social ties that are hard to forge in a globalized era.

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What Was Volkswagen Thinking? ↗

The Atlantic / 01.01.2016

What Was Volkswagen Thinking?

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My Share of the Sharing Economy

A cultural analyst reflects on her experience as an AirBNB host.