Letter from the Editor 8

Executive Editor Anya-Milana Sulaver explains the theme and stories for Issue 08 of Peeps Magazine.


Letter from the Editor 05

Publisher Anya-Milana Sulaver discusses the goals, joys and challenges of producing Issue 5 of Peeps.


Issue 4 Letter from the Editor

Editorial introduction to Peeps 4 .

Business Culture Magazine

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

An oral history of the unprecedented transformation of the UAE from agrarian and nomadic communities to the world’s most ambitious economy based on the development of sustainable energy.

Magazine The Arts

Between People and Architecture

A photo essay examining the relationship between architecture and the people who live in it.

Magazine Practice Tech

Research Mixology

Airbnb’s Director of Research shares how he mixes research methods to enable unique and exciting real-world experiences for the platform’s users.


Being Together with Strangers

The ways residents of post-apartheid Johannesburg confront social inequalities in shared spaces.

The red numeral 3 is superimposed over a photograph of a city sidewalk. Japanese writing appears on a sign. A shop window reflects traffic, a line of parked cars, and a man walking away from the camera.


Issue 3 of Peeps

Welcome to Issue 03 of Peeps Magazine. We’re back and better than ever!

Magazine Review

Aidnography Reviews Peeps 01

A review of Peeps magazine by Aidnography.

Magazine Peeps

Editors’ Note

Introducing Peeps Issue 01 – The Modern Protagonist.

Magazine The Arts

Art and the City

An urban anthropologist examines how the public engages with Situated Cinema.


Orbiting the Imaginary

What images come to mind when you think of a future that includes human beings living in outer space?


On the Origins of the Bathroom Lineup

Why the lines for women’s washrooms are always longer than men’s.


The Rights of the Whanganui River

How the Maori of the Whanganui River obtained legal recognition of the river as a living being.


Not Wanted on the Rue Saint-Denis

Gentrification in Paris faces off against a historic street that has served as the heart of the city’s sex trade.


Welcome to the Cyber Village

How Indonesia’s RT 36 Taman Kampoeng (or Kampoeng Garden) became Kampoeng Cyber.

Magazine Practice

Syntax in the City

An urban design expert explains the science behind the signs and symbols of cities.


The Fantasy of Rick’s Café

What we think we know about Casablanca, one of the most iconic cities in popular culture.


Tech in Cuba: The Rhetoric and the Reality

Reflections on the role of politics and infrastructure in Cuba’s technological development.


Of Treasures and Trinkets

Revealing the politics and fragmented histories behind the Cameroonian Grassfields museums.


The Daughters of Reykjavik are on YouTube

Why one women’s hip hop group is challenging gender, music and communication norms in Iceland.


A Storied Commute

The stories we tell ourselves and others while unplugged on our daily commutes.


Medellín, The Smart City

The story of a city recovering from conflict and finding its voice with the help of media technology.


Shakespeares in the Ghetto

How digital technology has allowed hip-hop, an American art form. to flourish in New Belgrade, Serbia.

Magazine Practice

The Human Element at Microsoft

Speaking with Microsoft’s Sam Ladner about what it means to be a sociologist at the world’s biggest software company.


The Game of School

A satirical look at what students are learning in American higher education.


How to Bank in Kimbe

A young anthropologist explores the development of banking culture in Papua New Guinea.


Word on the Street

Perspectives from people around the world on the role of technology in their lives.

Magazine Talk The Arts

The Extraordinary Dakinis

A conversation with Rima Fujita on female strength in Buddhism, and the ethnographic power of art.

Magazine Peeps

Introducing Peeps Magazine Issue 02: Crossing Thresholds

Editorial for Peeps Issue 02 – Crossing Thresholds.


Winning and Losing in Modern China

Investigating the elusive Chinese dream through the Diaosi, self-identified losers on the Chinese internet.


Mobile Autonomy

How the mobile revolution is challenging traditional gender roles in India.

Magazine Practice

Beyond the Disease

Unveiling how the struggle for identity can become a matter of life or death for young men living with hemophilia.

Magazine Research

On Being Part of the Conversation on Culture

A piece on the approach to telling stories of culture and context at Peeps.

Forum Magazine Urban Culture

On Placemaking

Placemaking. It’s been called everything from a buzzword to a movement. It even comes in varieties like “creative.” But what is it? What makes it such a hot topic?


Mobile Disruption: The Rise of Mobile Phone Technology in India

With 930 million mobile phone subscribers and growing India is easily one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile markets.


A Study in Contrasts

Peeps spoke with photojournalist Marko Drobnjakovic about contrast and photographing the cover story for the first issue of Peeps Magazine.