Culture World Affairs

A Talk About Palestine & Israel

Dr. Sa’ed Atshan curates a panel to talk about context and lived experience of Israeli apartheid.

Culture Health

What Gets Inside

Anthropologist Elizabeth Roberts shares stories from her research in the smelliest and most staunchly independent neighbourhood in Mexico City.

Culture World Affairs

The Language of Dispossession

Indigenous scholar Anne Spice writes of her research while part of the camp at the Wet’Suwet’en defence standoffs.

Culture Research World Affairs

Colonizing Banaba

Woman in a mask with her arm in the air, calling for solidarity.

COVID Culture World Affairs

“It Is What It Is”: Trauma as Context in Argentina-2

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Culture World Affairs

The Truth Equation

A look at the ways in which white evangelical Christians see what makes “truth” differently through an examination of their contemporary fiction.

Culture Curation

Peeps 06 Play List

Culture Curation

Peeps 06 Media List

Key readings and inspiration on how Agency is seen around the world.

Culture World Affairs

Letter from the Editor 06

Culture Curation Review

Peeps 06 Reading List

Key readings and inspiration on how Agency works around the world.

Culture Curation

New Yorker Review of Ouvrir la voix ↗

New Yorker / July 16, 2018

A review of a documentary that views the intersections of race and being a woman in France from the perspectives of 24 French women of colour.

Culture Curation

Independence with Social Distancing Comes in a Car for British Youth ↗

ITV Report / 05.25.2020

Teens and young adults alike have resorted to some interesting tactics to achieve independence while quarantining with their parents.

Culture Curation

History of Police in America ↗

Vox / 06.06.2020

Historian Khalil Muhammad lays out the historical role of police in imposing systems of oppression.


Five Movements of Mothering

Drs. Susannah Clement and Gordon Waitt discuss how the paths we make to walk determine the ways we engage with our world and with each other.

Culture World Affairs

Stories from the Road

Dr. Dimitris Dalakoglou on how the road to post-socialism was, literally, paved in Southern Albania.


Coming of Age on Wheels

Dr. Daniel Albero Santacreu writes about coming of age in Mallorca — on the road.

Culture Health Research

Moving in Stillness

Researcher Simon Roberts shares his thoughts on the benefits of running to thought.

Business Culture Curation Health

Italy Reopens: A Tale of Two Bookstores ↗

NPR / 05.05.2020

In countries where we are still immersed in social distancing measures and business closures, this piece by NPR speaks to the concerns and anxieties of two small bookstore owners as they eye reopening.

Culture Curation

The scale, scope and breadth of language and context: Invisiblia on the connections we never imagined. ↗

Invisibilia / 03.06.2020

Invisibilia brings light to the unimagined ways we are linked in this great piece on how we are all connected through language, no matter which one we speak

Culture Curation Urban Culture World Affairs

David Remnick: Catharsis and Hope in New York ↗

The New Yorker Radio Hour / 04.10.2020

David Remnick harkens to the ways in which New York has changed on the ground in this poetic piece for the New Yorker Radio Hour, addressing how life in the city has been defined by encounters, and how that life is now determined by the absence of encounter.

Culture Curation Research

‘Faith Not Fear’ and the Spread of the Coronavirus ↗

SAPIENS / 04.09.20

Paula Sky Tullman asks how you can affect change before devastation or catastrophe hit. What role can cultural anthropology play in creating consensus despite difference?

Culture Curation

The Importance of Social Capital During a Pandemic ↗

The Wire / 03.30.2020

Shifting focus from economies to societies in our understanding of collective context, we need to understand the true currency of value in crisis.

Culture Curation

“I Rescued My Ancestors” ↗

CBC / 03.06.2020

Anishinaabe anthropologist brings archival recordings back home.

Culture Curation

Gender-Neutral Pronouns Can Change a Culture ↗

Wired / 08.15.2019

Elena Lacey of Wired Magazine looks at how changing language changes behaviour in a community.

Culture World Affairs

Afrofuturism Answers Back to Afro-pessimism

Dr. Mich Nyawalo shares how Arofuturism, a powerful art movement that identifies innovative spaces of power and opportunity, has evolved as a response to afropessimism, a limiting and reductive narrative. He examines how Afrofuturism has become a sophisticated aesthetic through the award-winning work of Wanuri Kahiu and her film Pumzi.

Culture Curation Urban Culture

4 Peeps Media List

Peeps’ inaugural media list, curated and kicked-off by our editor Ife Olatunji, focuses on afrofuturism in its many forms.

Business Culture Magazine

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

An oral history of the unprecedented transformation of the UAE from agrarian and nomadic communities to the world’s most ambitious economy based on the development of sustainable energy.

Culture Urban Culture

Un-Settling the City

The Peeps team interviewed filmmaker Lisa Jackson about her VR film Biidaaban, Indigenous futurism, and how to imagine life in a city reclaimed by nature.

Culture Curation Urban Culture

4 Peeps Reading List

Peeps editor Cat Ashton kicks off our reading list with a bevy of speculative fictions about the future.

Culture Curation

Art Meets Futurism: “What Would Leonardo da Vinci Think of the Future?” ↗ / 05.02.2019

In honor of the 500th anniversary of da Vinci’s death, historian Stephen E. Nash examines the artist’s forward thinking work: from pioneering cartography to the roots of virtual reality in paint.

Culture Curation

A Brief History of Borders ↗

The Correspondent / 12.02.2019
An insightful examination of how borders succeed and fail at what they were built to do.

Business Culture Curation

Kodak’s Missed Moment ↗

Spectacular Failures / 7.15.2019

Kodak, the gold standard of photography, and the company that created digital cameras, was one of the first victims of a newly digitized world. Listen to this great portrait of the extensive impacts of cultural and technological change at Spectacular Failures.

Culture Curation Urban Culture

Peeps 3 Playlist

Peeps Playlist 1:
September 16th, 2019.

Cultural context and a healthy dose of human insight mix to make some great tunes in our first playlist. Help us make it deeper and richer (and more fun :))…

Culture The Arts

Because We Haven’t Left

The photography of Jennifer Karady in the series Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Culture Curation

The Death and Mourning for David Bowie ↗

Warwick / 01.18.2016

Culture Curation

The Anthropology of Hackers ↗

The Atlantic / 01.25.2016

Culture Curation

Fast-World Values ↗

Aeon / 02.08.2016

For all the smart tech, we still feel pressed for time. Are digital services the problem, or are we humans to blame?

Culture Curation

Race is a Social Construct, Scientists Argue ↗

Scientific American / 02.10.2016

Racial categories are weak proxies for genetic diversity and need to be phased out.

Culture Curation

The Bane of Cultural Appropriation ↗

Al Jazeera / 05.06.2016

The campaign against cultural appropriation is part of the broader attempt to police communities and cultures.

Culture Forum

The Changing Face of Valentine’s Day

In a world where the notions of relationships and companionship are in flux, Megan Melissa Machamer looks at the ways Valentines celebrations are changing.

A conversation with Barry Lord

Culture Forum

A Conversation with Barry Lord

As the energy sources that made our world changed, people’s identities also had to adjust to the values that each energy brought with it.