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Gender-Neutral Pronouns Can Change a Culture

Wired / 08.15.2019

Elena Lacey of Wired Magazine looks at how changing language changes behaviour in a community.

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4 Peeps Media List

Peeps’ inaugural media list, curated and kicked-off by our editor Ife Olatunji, focuses on afrofuturism in its many forms.

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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

An oral history of the unprecedented transformation of the UAE from agrarian and nomadic communities to the world’s most ambitious economy based on the development of sustainable energy.

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Un-Settling the City

The Peeps team interviewed filmmaker Lisa Jackson about her VR film Biidaaban, Indigenous futurism, and how to imagine life in a city reclaimed by nature.

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4 Peeps Reading List

Peeps editor Cat Ashton kicks off our reading list with a bevy of speculative fictions about the future.

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Art Meets Futurism: “What Would Leonardo da Vinci Think of the Future?” / 05.02.2019

In honor of the 500th anniversary of da Vinci’s death, historian Stephen E. Nash examines the artist’s forward thinking work: from pioneering cartography to the roots of virtual reality in paint.

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A Brief History of Borders ↗

The Correspondent / 12.02.2019
An insightful examination of how borders succeed and fail at what they were built to do.

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Kodak’s Missed Moment ↗

Spectacular Failures / 7.15.2019

Kodak, the gold standard of photography, and the company that created digital cameras, was one of the first victims of a newly digitized world. Listen to this great portrait of the extensive impacts of cultural and technological change at Spectacular Failures.

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Peeps Playlist

Peeps Playlist 1:
September 16th, 2019.

Cultural context and a healthy dose of human insight mix to make some great tunes in our first playlist. Help us make it deeper and richer (and more fun :))…

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Because We Haven’t Left

The photography of Jennifer Karady in the series Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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The Death and Mourning for David Bowie ↗

Warwick / 01.18.2016

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The Anthropology of Hackers ↗

The Atlantic / 01.25.2016

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Fast-World Values ↗

Aeon / 02.08.2016

For all the smart tech, we still feel pressed for time. Are digital services the problem, or are we humans to blame?

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Race is a Social Construct, Scientists Argue ↗

Scientific American / 02.10.2016

Racial categories are weak proxies for genetic diversity and need to be phased out.

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The Bane of Cultural Appropriation ↗

Al Jazeera / 05.06.2016

The campaign against cultural appropriation is part of the broader attempt to police communities and cultures.

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The Changing Face of Valentine’s Day

In a world where the notions of relationships and companionship are in flux, Megan Melissa Machamer looks at the ways Valentines celebrations are changing.

A conversation with Barry Lord

Culture Forum

A Conversation with Barry Lord

As the energy sources that made our world changed, people’s identities also had to adjust to the values that each energy brought with it.