Agency Issue

This issue is all about Agency. Who has it, who wants it, how it does or doesn’t get made. Letter from the Editor

Scenarios of Change

The Middle Classes Won’t Take Us to a Democratic Paradise

The Truth Equation

The Lockdown Diaries

Talking Across Difference with Virtual Reality


Peeps 06 Play List


Peeps 06 Media List

Key readings and inspiration on how Agency is seen around the world.


Peeps 06 Reading List

Key readings and inspiration on how Agency works around the world.



The Generation Gap Bites Back: Gen Z & Millenials Call Out Boomer Privilege with Digital Eyeroll ↗

The NY Times dropped a great piece today on how Boomers call anyone younger than themselves “Millenial”, and Gen Z and Millenials have responded with “OK, Boomer”


Mobile Autonomy

How the mobile revolution is challenging traditional gender roles in India.

Curation Urban Culture

The Desperate Need for Localism ↗

The Guardian / 03.20.2020

Global crises need need not only international solidarity but also locally-based solutions to them for communities to survive.