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A Talk About Palestine & Israel

Dr. Sa’ed Atshan curates a panel to talk about context and lived experience of Israeli apartheid.

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The Language of Dispossession

Indigenous scholar Anne Spice writes of her research while part of the camp at the Wet’Suwet’en defence standoffs.

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Colonizing Banaba

Woman in a mask with her arm in the air, calling for solidarity.

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“It Is What It Is”: Trauma as Context in Argentina-2

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This one is still being made

A hand holds a door open at the back of what appears to be a restaurant.

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What There Is To Fear: World Building with Colombian Refugees in Ecuador

Lisa Stevenson explores fear, world-building and the Colombian-Ecuadorian border.

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The Stories They Tell Themselves: What Trump’s Base Believes

Trump’s base, Evangelical Christian science fiction, Trump and what went down at Capitol Hill.

Woman in a mask with her arm in the air, calling for solidarity.

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“It Is What It Is”: Trauma as Context in Argentina

Cultural trauma as context in this ethnographic reflection on Argentina past and present.

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Talking Across Difference with Virtual Reality

Polish-born Canadian VR filmmaker Joanne-Aska Popinska talks to Peeps about the inspiration for her ambitious VR project sharing the stories of women who have had abortions. Her hope is to create a space of safe engagement for people who might otherwise not understand the complexities and challenges involved in making the decision to practice their reproductive rights.

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The Truth Equation

A look at the ways in which white evangelical Christians see what makes “truth” differently through an examination of their contemporary fiction.

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Letter from the Editor 06

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The Middle Classes Won’t Take Us to a Democratic Paradise

A deep look at transnational class and democracy, past and present, asking how we can understand the role of the middle class in democracy, in the United States as well as the countries to which it has exported a Western democratic framework.

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Dr. Kate Soper on the Opportunities of Change to our Economies Post-CoVid ↗

The Guardian / 09.08.2020

How post-CoVid economic goals should be different, but we need to act now to make it happen.

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Stories from the Road

Dr. Dimitris Dalakoglou on how the road to post-socialism was, literally, paved in Southern Albania.

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David Remnick: Catharsis and Hope in New York ↗

The New Yorker Radio Hour / 04.10.2020

David Remnick harkens to the ways in which New York has changed on the ground in this poetic piece for the New Yorker Radio Hour, addressing how life in the city has been defined by encounters, and how that life is now determined by the absence of encounter.

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Arundhati Roy: ‘The Pandemic is a Portal’ ↗

The Financial Times / 04.03.2020

Arundhati Roy’s insights on how the pandemic is forcing ‘humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew.’

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Afrofuturism Answers Back to Afro-pessimism

Dr. Mich Nyawalo shares how Arofuturism, a powerful art movement that identifies innovative spaces of power and opportunity, has evolved as a response to afropessimism, a limiting and reductive narrative. He examines how Afrofuturism has become a sophisticated aesthetic through the award-winning work of Wanuri Kahiu and her film Pumzi.

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Stories to Build a World By

Measurement of the success of international interventions in vulnerable places using standardized statistics across communities has proven disastrous to many international development and humanitarian aid efforts. Dr. Millar makes a case for using insights from the stories of the communities affected to determine the success, failure, or even whether the proposed measures would help would increase effectiveness of the measures and improve results.

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Shifting the Global Conversation on Refugees

Global media attention on refugees produces complex responses from countries—those which host these refugees, and those which refuse.

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Portraits of the Post-Mao Generation

The first generation to ostensibly “only know of China’s rise in fame and fortune,” faces the more humble realities of the post-Mao generation in China.

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Mindful of the Mosaic

How ethnic festivals benefit individuals and communities; for the whole community including everyone from recent migrants, to third generation community members.

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The Long and the Short of It

An examination of the landscape of racism and grief in Baltimore in the face of violence sparked by the death of Freddie Gray.

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Marking Territory in the infinite

The theoretical interplanetary politics of a universal flag designed on Earth are explored by Tylor R. Genoese, an anthropologist interested in outer space.

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Cosmopolitan Moments

Colin Shafer’s ambition to photograph someone born in every country of the world who now lives in Toronto.

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Hong Kong, Democracy and Cultural Myths

Myths provide a sense of purpose in a complex world, and fundamentally, hope for the future. These are the myths of Hong Kong.