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Authentic Storytelling: An Interview with Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Cynthia Wade

Cynthia Wade is an award winning documentary and commercial director known for intimate and gripping storytelling. Whether in a remote village in Cambodia or a conference room on Madison Avenue, Cynthia has been recognized for her ability to find and capture moving stories. Her subjects range from the struggles of a dying policewoman aiming to leave her pension benefits to her life partner—another woman—in the Academy Award winning film “Freeheld”, to the illustrating how beauty is being redefined by youth in the short film “Selfie” sponsored by Sundance and the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. Both Cynthia’s documentary and commercial work show a deep connection between Cynthia and her subjects, and a commitment to authenticity in the telling of their stories. Peeps Editor Aliah El-Houni sat down with her to ask how she creates that connection, and maintains it across both her creative and commercial work.

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