Curation Health Research Talk

Heidi Larson: Why Trust in Vaccines is Important ↗

NPR / 04.03.2020

Anthropologist and founding Director of The Vaccine Confidence Project at the WHO Centre of Excellence illustrates how the roots of doubt in vaccines stem from a failure of trust in our institutions and their concern for the real well-being of the populations they are meant to serve.

Curation Food Talk

Corporate Values, Community Values and McDonalds ↗

Rough Translation / 09.18.2019

An arresting examination of when corporate values and community values work and falter, played out in a McDonald’s in the north end of Marseilles.

Magazine Talk The Arts

The Extraordinary Dakinis

A conversation with Rima Fujita on female strength in Buddhism, and the ethnographic power of art.

Practice Talk

Going Native: The Art of Ethnographic Filmmaking

To Bruno Moynié, ethnographic filmmaking is the art of immersion, the ability to accept and be accepted by the people you are filming.