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Schooling Comes Naturally to Mexico’s Indigenous People ↗

Aeon / 2016

PEEPS CURATION: Aeon did a piece in 2016 that merits continued attention today. It looks at the Centre for Indigenous Arts in Papantla, in the Mexican state of Veracruz where they promote indigenous education and the decolonizing of education.

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How to Save a Dying Language ↗

The Atlantic / 12.9.2019

The Hawaiian language nearly went extinct. Now it’s being taught in dozens of immersion schools.

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The Miseducation of the American Boy ↗

The Atlantic / 12.20.2019

Peggy Orenstein on how cultural stereotypes of aggression in boys have profound impacts on their development in unexpected ways.


What to do with the Present

The toys we give our children shape the way they live in the world. How can we be better in our choices so that we can all do better?

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These New York Kids Are the Future of Technical Design ↗

Forbes / 02.27.2016

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How Can Design Advance Education? ↗

IDEO / 09.01.2016

Partnering with changemakers to design the most innovative systems, tools and experiences for learners of all ages.

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Let’s Get to Work ↗

Electric Lit / 11.14.2016

Practical Ways for Writers and Teachers to Get Involved Right Now

Education Forum Review

Peeps in the Classroom

How anthropology students can engage with Peeps Magazine.