The Way We Move Issue

Well, here we are. Issue 5. We made it, both literally and figuratively. And we have the loveliest gifts of stories to remind you how it feels to move in and around the world. Letter from the Editor

Five Movements of Mothering

Moving in Stillness

Stories from the Road

Coming of Age on Wheels


Anti-Racism Resource List


Peeps 05 Play List


Peeps 05 Reading List


Forum Research

In Defense of Bias

Everyone and everything has inherent bias- but that is a good thing, as long as it is recognized. Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman tells us why.


Mobile Autonomy

How the mobile revolution is challenging traditional gender roles in India.


Culture, Design & Decolonization: A Conversation with Dean Dori Tunstall

The Deep Dive / 12.10.2020

A trailblazer and pioneer, Dean Dori Tunstall of OCAD speaks to Philip McKenzie at The Deep Dive about respect for difference, cultural or otherwise, and using design to help create a human context that is inclusive and sustainable.