COVID Practice

The Lockdown Diaries


Scenarios of Change

Futurist Sanjay Khanna explores how global industry leaders think about and weigh the consequences of stability and profit.

Magazine Practice Tech

Research Mixology

Airbnb’s Director of Research shares how he mixes research methods to enable unique and exciting real-world experiences for the platform’s users.

Practice The Arts

Making with Magic

Autoethnography, Art Practice and the Participation of Other-Than-Humans in Witchbody, by Sabrina Scott.

Practice The Arts

The Writing on the Wall

Art, ethnography, and community voice in LA’s Little Tokyo Historic District.

Magazine Practice

Syntax in the City

An urban design expert explains the science behind the signs and symbols of cities.

Magazine Practice

The Human Element at Microsoft

Speaking with Microsoft’s Sam Ladner about what it means to be a sociologist at the world’s biggest software company.

Curation Practice

The EPIC2015 Conversation ↗

Epic People / 01.28.2016

Curation Practice

Anthropology in Business ↗

American Anthropological Association / 03.11.2016

For business, what do anthropologists bring to the party?

Curation Practice

Why Big Data is Actually Small, Personal and Very Human ↗

Aeon / 08.26.2016

Curation Practice

Getting the Most Out of Ethnography for User Experience ↗

Medium / 08.31.2016

How reading ethnography has helped me to understand the power of observation and gain greater empathy with my users

Curation Practice

On Being an Ethnographer ↗

Fersa, University of Cambridge Blog / 04.30.2017

Being an ethnographer, everyday and every moment can be a research moment. There is taking a break, but not turning off.

Forum Practice

Spy vs Ethnographer

What happened to me when on stage, at a gathering of my ethnographic peers, where I was accused of being a spy.

Magazine Practice

Beyond the Disease

Unveiling how the struggle for identity can become a matter of life or death for young men living with hemophilia.

Forum Practice

Bricolage in a Can

The story of one research team’s journey into the brand culture of alcoholic energy drinks.

Forum Practice

Observations of an Observer

When shooting ethnographic photography I use my education and experience as a photojournalist. Here’s how.

Food Practice

A Taste of the Road

Bruno Moynie pursued that romantic fantasy of life on the road, in the American south, and shares his food with us.

Practice Talk

Going Native: The Art of Ethnographic Filmmaking

To Bruno Moynié, ethnographic filmmaking is the art of immersion, the ability to accept and be accepted by the people you are filming.