Issue Sponsorship


As our brand expands to bigger endeavours and larger audiences, we are partnering with sponsors who see the value in what we do here at Peeps. We are creating trusting and long-lasting relationships with sponsors who will help to make Peeps a sustainable and lasting project. Our sponsors invest in the work we do, supporting the development of content that is deeply researched and rigorously verified.


This issue's sponsors are:

Digital 55 is a collective of award-winning designers, developers, researchers, and content producers working together to create digital interactive media and storytelling experiences.

We bring cool, fresh, modern design to interactive digital media—but what makes us most unique is our rebel spirit, rooted in our interdisciplinary backgrounds in the arts, film, music, social sciences, critical theory, and digital learning. Drawing on these diverse backgrounds, we are able to disrupt and intersect different thinking to produce authentic and engaging content in the media and digital space.


LiisBeth is a womxn-led and owned indie intersectional-lens centered feminist media enterprise with a global outlook based in Tkaronto (Toronto), Ontario, on the traditional lands of the Wendat, the Haudenosaunee, the Anishinabek, and the Mississaugas of the New Credit.

We publish an open-access monthly digital magazine (two to five features) and subscriber-only newsletter for feminist entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, leaders and “solutionaries” working to re-imagine the economy and change business culture.” We also co-produce the Entrepreneurial Feminist Forum (EFF) and have recently launched a new membership-based online community space, the Feminist Enterprise Commons, where solutionaries can meet, share and learn.



Sponsorship at Peeps

As our brand expands to bigger endeavors and larger audiences, we are looking to partner with sponsors who see the value in what we do here at Peeps. We are looking to create trusting and long-lasting relationships with sponsors who will help to make Peeps a sustainable and lasting project.

We are in constant contact with our audience across platforms. Our audience members are discerning, and aim to inform themselves as much as possible about the context and culture of the companies and projects they align with. They are the innovators, the travellers, and the people who call for, and make, change in the world. Most of our readers are based in the US, UK and other English-speaking countries followed by the rest of Europe, but Peeps’ reach is still in its early stages and we’ve seen a significant amount of readership all over the world.

Rather than selling advertising space, we are opting for a sponsorship model with our partners. Sponsorships are not ads. They aren’t trackable: meaning a sponsorship speaks of a very different relationship between you and Peeps. Your brand becomes part of what we do. You link your company directly to our values and those of our readers. We offer sponsorship opportunities across all of platforms, each of which is perfectly suited to featuring and celebrating sponsors.

Digital Magazine

The world is not small. In fact, through the lens of culture, it is vast. Peeps magazine puts culture and context before events. Our writers—anthropologists, sociologists, cultural analysts, human geographers—bring readers engaging reflections and insights about culture from around the world. The magazine is a compelling collection of investigative stories about people and cultural shifts from corners around the globe—but Peeps also delivers practical stories about how these shifts are shaping design, architecture, branding, technology, media, healthcare and policymaking.

For a small fee, we make you part of an issue and place your logo on our website on the issue sponsorship page.