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What Contagion’s Bookends Tells us About New Infections and a Racialized Geography of Blame ↗

Somatosphere / 03.06.2020

Review of the film Contagion in relation to the story it shares about privileged travel as conduit for disease spread.

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Sun Ra Inspires Tube Artwork (but so much more) ↗

The Guardian / 09.27.2013

This piece may be older, but it illustrates the ways in which Afrofuturist art and narrative, specifically that of Sun Ra, have opened vistas for opportunity and change among the African diaspora in the UK and beyond.

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Ghanaian Fans Have One Nit To Pick But Otherwise Adore ‘Black Panther’ ↗

NPR 02.20.2018

Ghanaian Fans Have One Nit To Pick But Otherwise Adore ‘Black Panther’

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Between People and Architecture

A photo essay examining the relationship between architecture and the people who live in it.

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Because We Haven’t Left

The photography of Jennifer Karady in the series Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Making with Magic

Autoethnography, Art Practice and the Participation of Other-Than-Humans in Witchbody, by Sabrina Scott.

A still from Leviathan. A tattooed man in a grey tank top, seen through glass, works aboard the ship. His head is tilted to the side, his expression shows fatigue, and a cigarette dangles from his lips.

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Debating Leviathan

Peeps’ editorial team debates Leviathan, by Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab.

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The Writing on the Wall

Art, ethnography, and community voice in LA’s Little Tokyo Historic District.

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Art and the City

An urban anthropologist examines how the public engages with Situated Cinema.

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Get What’s Mine: Formation Changes the Way We Listen to Beyoncé Forever ↗

Vice / 02.15.2016

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The Extraordinary Dakinis

A conversation with Rima Fujita on female strength in Buddhism, and the ethnographic power of art.

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Why I Love Female Superheroes

The moment my eyes caught the keyring hanging on the wall I just had to have it – a female superhero on my keychain.

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How the Arts Add to Urban Economies ↗

Citylab / 01.08.2015

Performing arts organizations like opera or ballet help to attract knowledge workers.

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Authentic Storytelling

An interview with Cynthia Wade, award winning documentary and commercial director known for intimate and gripping storytelling.

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Breaking the Princess Complex

As a filmmaker and an anthropologist, I am always looking for films that explore popular topics from an unlikely point of view. George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is such a film.