The Future Issue

With this issue of Peeps, we bring you the work of researchers and visionaries who guide us forward by looking back. 2020 is off to a challenging start, but the hope lies in the lessons we learn... Editorial

Afrofuturism Answers Back to Afro-pessimism

Stories to Build a World By

Innovating for a Sustainable Future

What to do with the Present

Un-Settling the City


4 Peeps Play List

The playlist, for Issue 4, kicked off by our editorial team but to be expanded by our readers/listeners, is here!


4 Peeps Reading List

Peeps editor Cat Ashton kicks off our reading list with a bevy of speculative fictions about the future.


4 Peeps Media List

Peeps’ inaugural media list, curated and kicked-off by our editor Ife Olatunji, focuses on afrofuturism in its many forms.


Magazine The Arts

Art and the City

An urban anthropologist examines how the public engages with Situated Cinema.


How to Bank in Kimbe

A young anthropologist explores the development of banking culture in Papua New Guinea.

Curation Education

Schooling Comes Naturally to Mexico’s Indigenous People ↗

Aeon / 2016

PEEPS CURATION: Aeon did a piece in 2016 that merits continued attention today. It looks at the Centre for Indigenous Arts in Papantla, in the Mexican state of Veracruz where they promote indigenous education and the decolonizing of education.