Letter from the Editor 8

Executive Editor Anya-Milana Sulaver explains the theme and stories for Issue 08 of Peeps Magazine.

Culture World Affairs

A Talk About Palestine & Israel

Dr. Sa’ed Atshan curates a panel to talk about context and lived experience of Israeli apartheid.

Culture Health

What Gets Inside

Anthropologist Elizabeth Roberts shares stories from her research in the smelliest and most staunchly independent neighbourhood in Mexico City.


Peeps 08 Media List


Peeps 08 Playlist

Culture World Affairs

The Language of Dispossession

Indigenous scholar Anne Spice writes of her research while part of the camp at the Wet’Suwet’en defence standoffs.


08 Hold Screen to Launch


Peeps 08 Reading List


The Chinese Built a Bridge in Montenegro That Leads to Nowhere

NPR / 06.29.2021

China’s finished bridge and unfinished road to nowhere in the middle of Montenegro, and what this reveals about development projects, power and policy.


Has a U of T Funder Intervened in Hiring a Palestinian Scholar?

The New Yorker / 05.08.2021

Is the U of T protecting its researchers, and itself, from funder influence?


Peeps 07 Play List

Music from around the world that examines cultural trauma


Peeps 07 Reading List

A comprehensive list of world literature that examines the issue of cultural trauma curated by the senior editors at Peeps.


Peeps 07 Media List

A list of the best films covering the topic of cultural trauma curated by the senior editors at Peeps.

Research World Affairs

Almost! Check back very soon!

Research World Affairs

This one is still being made

A hand holds a door open at the back of what appears to be a restaurant.

Research World Affairs

What There Is To Fear: World Building with Colombian Refugees in Ecuador

Lisa Stevenson explores fear, world-building and the Colombian-Ecuadorian border.

Woman in a mask with her arm in the air, calling for solidarity.

Research World Affairs

“It Is What It Is”: Trauma as Context in Argentina

Cultural trauma as context in this ethnographic reflection on Argentina past and present.


Issue 7 Letter from the Editor

Executive Editor Anya-Milana Sulaver introduces Issue 7, Cultural Trauma to readers

World Affairs

Talking Across Difference with Virtual Reality

Polish-born Canadian VR filmmaker Joanne-Aska Popinska talks to Peeps about the inspiration for her ambitious VR project sharing the stories of women who have had abortions. Her hope is to create a space of safe engagement for people who might otherwise not understand the complexities and challenges involved in making the decision to practice their reproductive rights.


Distraction Pieces on Productivity Part 2

Distraction Pieces / 05.19.2020

Scroobius Pip continues his conversation with Rutger Bregman,


Distraction Pieces on Productivity Part 1

Distraction Pieces / 20.02.2019

Podcaster Scroobius Pip interviews Davos-shamer and hopeful realist Rutger Bregman on the value of removing productivity as a focus in our work to increase innovation and joy.


Culture, Design & Decolonization: A Conversation with Dean Dori Tunstall

The Deep Dive / 12.10.2020

A trailblazer and pioneer, Dean Dori Tunstall of OCAD speaks to Philip McKenzie at The Deep Dive about respect for difference, cultural or otherwise, and using design to help create a human context that is inclusive and sustainable.

COVID Practice

The Lockdown Diaries


Colombia’s National Strikes: A Primer

The New Humanitarian / 09.25.2020

A look at what’s behind the National Strikes in Colombia. (photo from Peeps Issue 6)


Scenarios of Change

Futurist Sanjay Khanna explores how global industry leaders think about and weigh the consequences of stability and profit.

Culture World Affairs

The Truth Equation

A look at the ways in which white evangelical Christians see what makes “truth” differently through an examination of their contemporary fiction.

Culture World Affairs

Letter from the Editor 06

World Affairs

The Middle Classes Won’t Take Us to a Democratic Paradise

A deep look at transnational class and democracy, past and present, asking how we can understand the role of the middle class in democracy, in the United States as well as the countries to which it has exported a Western democratic framework.

Curation World Affairs

Dr. Kate Soper on the Opportunities of Change to our Economies Post-CoVid ↗

The Guardian / 09.08.2020

How post-CoVid economic goals should be different, but we need to act now to make it happen.

Culture Curation

New Yorker Review of Ouvrir la voix ↗

New Yorker / July 16, 2018

A review of a documentary that views the intersections of race and being a woman in France from the perspectives of 24 French women of colour.

Culture Curation

Independence with Social Distancing Comes in a Car for British Youth ↗

ITV Report / 05.25.2020

Teens and young adults alike have resorted to some interesting tactics to achieve independence while quarantining with their parents.

Culture Curation

History of Police in America ↗

Vox / 06.06.2020

Historian Khalil Muhammad lays out the historical role of police in imposing systems of oppression.

Curation Uncategorized

Anti-Racism Resource List

Business Culture Curation Health

Italy Reopens: A Tale of Two Bookstores ↗

NPR / 05.05.2020

In countries where we are still immersed in social distancing measures and business closures, this piece by NPR speaks to the concerns and anxieties of two small bookstore owners as they eye reopening.

Curation Health

Predictions are hard, especially about the coronavirus ↗

Vox / 04.08.2020

Information about Covid-19 and how to protect yourself from it changes day by day. Vox reports on why pandemic predictions are difficult.

Culture Curation

The scale, scope and breadth of language and context: Invisiblia on the connections we never imagined. ↗

Invisibilia / 03.06.2020

Invisibilia brings light to the unimagined ways we are linked in this great piece on how we are all connected through language, no matter which one we speak

Curation Health

Pandemics as Looking Glasses of Society ↗

NPR / 04.29.2020

Pandemics as truth-telling about society. The way we manage this tells us everything about our values and the world we want to live in versus what we’ve created.

Culture Curation

The Importance of Social Capital During a Pandemic ↗

The Wire / 03.30.2020

Shifting focus from economies to societies in our understanding of collective context, we need to understand the true currency of value in crisis.

Curation Health The Arts

What Contagion’s Bookends Tells us About New Infections and a Racialized Geography of Blame ↗

Somatosphere / 03.06.2020

Review of the film Contagion in relation to the story it shares about privileged travel as conduit for disease spread.

Busting Social Media Myths

Social and Cultural Experts Bust Social Media Myths #1: The truth about Shari’a Law and women’s rights

Shari’a Law and Women’s Rights: it may be different than you think!


The Good Place: The Last Great Sitcom ↗

Time / 01.23.2020


Race, Epidemics and the Viral Economy ↗

The New Humanitarian / 02.04.2020

The coronavirus is new, but not the toxic narratives around it.

Curation Health

The Calculus of Contagion ↗

Aeon / 09.16.2016

The history of the numbers we all rely on in anticipating a pandemic growth rate.

Culture Curation

“I Rescued My Ancestors” ↗

CBC / 03.06.2020

Anishinaabe anthropologist brings archival recordings back home.

Curation The Arts

Sun Ra Inspires Tube Artwork (but so much more) ↗

The Guardian / 09.27.2013

This piece may be older, but it illustrates the ways in which Afrofuturist art and narrative, specifically that of Sun Ra, have opened vistas for opportunity and change among the African diaspora in the UK and beyond.

Curation The Arts

Ghanaian Fans Have One Nit To Pick But Otherwise Adore ‘Black Panther’ ↗

NPR 02.20.2018

Ghanaian Fans Have One Nit To Pick But Otherwise Adore ‘Black Panther’

Curation Education

Schooling Comes Naturally to Mexico’s Indigenous People ↗

Aeon / 2016

PEEPS CURATION: Aeon did a piece in 2016 that merits continued attention today. It looks at the Centre for Indigenous Arts in Papantla, in the Mexican state of Veracruz where they promote indigenous education and the decolonizing of education.

Curation Education

How to Save a Dying Language ↗

The Atlantic / 12.9.2019

The Hawaiian language nearly went extinct. Now it’s being taught in dozens of immersion schools.

Business Curation

How Economic Boom Times in the West Came to an End ↗

Aeon / 02.22.2017

Economist, historian and journalist Marc Levinson on the 20th century economic and cultural boom in the West

Culture Curation

Gender-Neutral Pronouns Can Change a Culture ↗

Wired / 08.15.2019

Elena Lacey of Wired Magazine looks at how changing language changes behaviour in a community.

Curation Education

The Miseducation of the American Boy ↗

The Atlantic / 12.20.2019

Peggy Orenstein on how cultural stereotypes of aggression in boys have profound impacts on their development in unexpected ways.

Culture Curation

Art Meets Futurism: “What Would Leonardo da Vinci Think of the Future?” ↗ / 05.02.2019

In honor of the 500th anniversary of da Vinci’s death, historian Stephen E. Nash examines the artist’s forward thinking work: from pioneering cartography to the roots of virtual reality in paint.

Curation Uncategorized

Whose Ukraine is it Anyway? ↗

Rough Translation / 12.04.2019

Humour as competitive sport in Ukraine, and training ground for politics.


“They” decided this was the pronoun of 2019 at Merriam-Webster…finally :) ↗

NPR / 12.11.2019

It’s official, non-binary pronouns are in the dictionary, a first step to space for new gender contexts in the dominant discourse.

Culture Curation

A Brief History of Borders ↗

The Correspondent / 12.02.2019
An insightful examination of how borders succeed and fail at what they were built to do.

Business Culture Curation

Kodak’s Missed Moment ↗

Spectacular Failures / 7.15.2019

Kodak, the gold standard of photography, and the company that created digital cameras, was one of the first victims of a newly digitized world. Listen to this great portrait of the extensive impacts of cultural and technological change at Spectacular Failures.

Business Curation

The Dark Side of Prime ↗

Bitch Media / 11.26.2019

Bitch Media reminds us that our new culture of retail convenience has a dark side.


The Research Behind Binge Watching as a Cultural Movement ↗

Insights Association / 10.11.2018

We are hearing all about the new streaming wars: but what about the massive, research-driven cultural change that brought it about? The Insights Association shared a piece discussing Netflix research methods resulting in a radical change in the way we watch “shows.”


The Generation Gap Bites Back: Gen Z & Millenials Call Out Boomer Privilege with Digital Eyeroll ↗

The NY Times dropped a great piece today on how Boomers call anyone younger than themselves “Millenial”, and Gen Z and Millenials have responded with “OK, Boomer”


Counteract Propaganda through Lessons from Advertising ↗

Scientific American / 06.21.2017

An election season survival guide: learning to read past propaganda.

Curation Food Talk

Corporate Values, Community Values and McDonalds ↗

NPR / 09.18.2019

An arresting examination of when corporate values and community values work and falter, played out in a McDonald’s in the north end of Marseilles.

Culture The Arts

Because We Haven’t Left

The photography of Jennifer Karady in the series Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Curation Practice

On Being an Ethnographer ↗

Fersa, University of Cambridge Blog / 04.30.2017

Being an ethnographer, everyday and every moment can be a research moment. There is taking a break, but not turning off.

Curation Food

How Pot is Infiltrating New York’s Most Elite Social Circles

New York Post / 03.19.2017

While recreational marijuana is still illegal in New York state and medical marijuana is only legal for those with serious diseases, more and more Gothamites are getting high.

Magazine Talk The Arts

The Extraordinary Dakinis

A conversation with Rima Fujita on female strength in Buddhism, and the ethnographic power of art.

Education Forum Review

Peeps in the Classroom

How anthropology students can engage with Peeps Magazine.

Magazine Peeps

Introducing Peeps Magazine Issue 02: Crossing Thresholds

Editorial for Peeps Issue 02 – Crossing Thresholds.

Forum Practice

Spy vs Ethnographer

What happened to me when on stage, at a gathering of my ethnographic peers, where I was accused of being a spy.


Winning and Losing in Modern China

Investigating the elusive Chinese dream through the Diaosi, self-identified losers on the Chinese internet.


Mobile Autonomy

How the mobile revolution is challenging traditional gender roles in India.

Magazine Practice

Beyond the Disease

Unveiling how the struggle for identity can become a matter of life or death for young men living with hemophilia.

Forum World Affairs

Shifting the Global Conversation on Refugees

Global media attention on refugees produces complex responses from countries—those which host these refugees, and those which refuse.

Forum Practice

Bricolage in a Can

The story of one research team’s journey into the brand culture of alcoholic energy drinks.

Forum Health

Soothe-sayers and Storytellers

Metaphor plays an enormous role in either the efficacy or failure of narrative in healing.

Culture Forum

The Changing Face of Valentine’s Day

In a world where the notions of relationships and companionship are in flux, Megan Melissa Machamer looks at the ways Valentines celebrations are changing.

Publishing Review

Peeps Magazine Through Academic Eyes

The University of Toronto Anthropology profs Drs. Leslie Carlin and Simon Coleman to provide us with some constructive feedback and their thoughts.

Forum Publishing Review

When Mainstream Media Thinks Anthropology is Cool

“At last, an indie mag about anthropology! If that turns you off, think again. Like the best magazines, Peeps is a magazine about people and there are some great universal stories here.”
— Jeremy Leslie, magCulture

Business Curation

The Water-Cooler Problem ↗

Sapiens / 01.28.2016

Company success and employee satisfaction depend on social ties that are hard to forge in a globalized era.


Cultural Anthropologist Susan Kresnicka Reveals How Her Core Passions Help Hollywood Thrive ↗

Forbes / 01.20.2016

I encourage our clients to focus less on trend-chasing and more on understanding the broader cultural forces.

Beauty Curation

About Face ↗

The New Yorker / 03.23.2015

Why is South Korea the world’s plastic-surgery capital?

Forum Peeps Review

A Review of Peeps Magazine

A review of Peeps Magazine!

Curation Design

‘Design Thinking’ is Changing the Way We Approach Problems ↗

University Affairs / 01.13.2016

Design Thinking is Changing the Way We Approach Problems: Why researchers in various disciplines are using the principles of design to solve problems big and small

Forum World Affairs

Portraits of the Post-Mao Generation

The first generation to ostensibly “only know of China’s rise in fame and fortune,” faces the more humble realities of the post-Mao generation in China.

Forum The Arts

Why I Love Female Superheroes

The moment my eyes caught the keyring hanging on the wall I just had to have it – a female superhero on my keychain.

Curation Research

The Trials of Alice Goffman ↗

New York Times / 01.17.2017

Her first book, ‘On the Run’—about the lives of young black men in West Philadelphia—has fueled a fight within sociology over who gets to speak for whom.

Business Curation

What Was Volkswagen Thinking? ↗

The Atlantic / 01.01.2016

What Was Volkswagen Thinking?


An Anthropologist Unravels the Mysteries of Mexican Migration ↗

National Geographic / 12.2016

An Anthropologist Unravels the Mysteries of Mexican Migration: Undocumented immigrants risk scorching temperatures, venomous creatures, and military surveillance to get into the U.S.

Curation The Arts

How the Arts Add to Urban Economies ↗

Citylab / 01.08.2015

Performing arts organizations like opera or ballet help to attract knowledge workers.

Curation Design

A Behavorial Approach to Product Design ↗

Medium / 01.08.2016

Four steps to designing products with impact.

Forum The Arts

Authentic Storytelling

An interview with Cynthia Wade, award winning documentary and commercial director known for intimate and gripping storytelling.

Forum Tech

On the Fall and Rise of Hands

Unraveling our ties to technology to remember the art of making things.

Forum World Affairs

Mindful of the Mosaic

How ethnic festivals benefit individuals and communities; for the whole community including everyone from recent migrants, to third generation community members.

Forum World Affairs

The Long and the Short of It

An examination of the landscape of racism and grief in Baltimore in the face of violence sparked by the death of Freddie Gray.

Forum Research

The Promise of Big Data

There is something almost ethnographic about the way that big data recedes into the background and quietly collects data about our lived experience.

Forum Research

Sound Advice

Our brains appear to come equipped with an inclination to use the individual phonemes contained in names to make sense of unfamiliar words.

Forum The Arts

Breaking the Princess Complex

As a filmmaker and an anthropologist, I am always looking for films that explore popular topics from an unlikely point of view. George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is such a film.


Making the Strange Familiar and the Familiar Strange

Anthropologist Megan Melissa Machamer shares the trick to great social science research.

Beauty Forum

Changing the Shape of Fashion

How fashion standards are shifting to make room for the plus-size segment of the market it used to shun.

Forum World Affairs

Marking Territory in the infinite

The theoretical interplanetary politics of a universal flag designed on Earth are explored by Tylor R. Genoese, an anthropologist interested in outer space.

Forum Research

In Defense of Bias

Everyone and everything has inherent bias- but that is a good thing, as long as it is recognized. Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman tells us why.

Magazine Research

On Being Part of the Conversation on Culture

A piece on the approach to telling stories of culture and context at Peeps.

Forum Magazine Urban Culture

On Placemaking

Placemaking. It’s been called everything from a buzzword to a movement. It even comes in varieties like “creative.” But what is it? What makes it such a hot topic?


Mobile Disruption: The Rise of Mobile Phone Technology in India

With 930 million mobile phone subscribers and growing India is easily one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile markets.


A Study in Contrasts

Peeps spoke with photojournalist Marko Drobnjakovic about contrast and photographing the cover story for the first issue of Peeps Magazine.

A conversation with Barry Lord

Culture Forum

A Conversation with Barry Lord

As the energy sources that made our world changed, people’s identities also had to adjust to the values that each energy brought with it.

Business Forum

My Share of the Sharing Economy

A cultural analyst reflects on her experience as an AirBNB host.

Forum Practice

Observations of an Observer

When shooting ethnographic photography I use my education and experience as a photojournalist. Here’s how.

Forum World Affairs

Cosmopolitan Moments

Colin Shafer’s ambition to photograph someone born in every country of the world who now lives in Toronto.

Forum World Affairs

Hong Kong, Democracy and Cultural Myths

Myths provide a sense of purpose in a complex world, and fundamentally, hope for the future. These are the myths of Hong Kong.

Food Practice

A Taste of the Road

Bruno Moynie pursued that romantic fantasy of life on the road, in the American south, and shares his food with us.

Practice Talk

Going Native: The Art of Ethnographic Filmmaking

To Bruno Moynié, ethnographic filmmaking is the art of immersion, the ability to accept and be accepted by the people you are filming.