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Why Design Thinking Won’t Save You ↗

Harvard Business Review / 02.26.2016

An old, but still very relevant article

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Ideo Reimagines The Future Of Planned Parenthood ↗

Fast Company / 03.20.2016

The prestigious global consultants elevate Planned Parenthood’s patient experience with human-centered design.

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The Art and Science of Customer Empathy in Design Thinking ↗

Forbes / 03.27.2016

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‘Design Thinking’ is Changing the Way We Approach Problems ↗

University Affairs / 01.13.2016

Design Thinking is Changing the Way We Approach Problems: Why researchers in various disciplines are using the principles of design to solve problems big and small

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A Behavorial Approach to Product Design ↗

Medium / 01.08.2016

Four steps to designing products with impact.