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Man waits at Tokyo Station, 千代田区, Japan. Photo by Carina Sze on Unsplash

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Peeps Playlist 1: September 22nd, 2019

Seeing the world through an anthropological lens is one thing: hearing and feeling it is another. The team has collected a sampling of songs about the celebrations and challenges of and to culture and our human endeavors, as well as some songs that mark significant cultural shifts (Formation, anyone?). You may also find a few songs discussed in previous articles from our Forum and print magazine.

We would love to hear from you on this. If there are songs you know that wax ethnographic, please tell us below. Let’s get them on the list!

For now, kick back, relax and enjoy a little melodic ethnography. Good listening!!

**If you prefer a youtube playlist click here.

3 responses to “Peeps 3 Playlist”

  1. Neil Hopkins says:

    Amazing playlist – love it!

    For some additional ideas, how about:
    Stevie Wonder – Village Ghetto Land
    Tracy Chapman – Fast Car or Across The Lines
    Phil Ochs – basically anything from ‘I Ain’t Marching Any More’ if you want some really raw 1960s political social commentary as an artifact of the time. ‘Here’s to the state of Mississippi’ is particularly acerbic
    Austra – Utopia

    Just a few from the instant top of my head!

  2. Neil Hopkins says:

    And let’s not forget Born This Way by Lady Gaga!

  3. Peeps Magazine says:


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